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Grease Monkey - Colorado Springs #685

1702 Dublin Blvd.,  Colorado Springs,  CO 80918
(719) 599-4368


Here are what some of our customers have said about our service.

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Mike Gibbs
Colorado Springs
3/27/2019 12:49 PM ETZ
" Justin and the team do an outstanding job since I have been going there late 2017. Since then my company vehicle has only been serviced by this awesome team!

Quick Story:

My first visit to a Grease Monkey in 1996 in Denver (26th and Sheridan), the technicians forgot to add enough oil. I found this out after routinely checking my oil while fueling. Never returned to another Grease Monkey.

The owner of the company that I worked for required all company vehicles to be serviced by his brother in laws newly owned Grease Monkey.  This becomes my second time I have been to a Grease Monkey (Aurora) this was in 2001. The lots of company vehicles start having leaks, oil pug issues and after 6 months we had a memorandum to all employees not to return to any Grease Monkey.

In 2015 my wife takes her car to the Grease Monkey in Denver (Colorado Blvd) and the technicians charged her for an oil change that did not happen. They also over torqued the grommets on the under carriage protector.  I noticed all of this when I went to change the oil after them and noticed  the same NAPA oil filter with my written date and mileage on it. Missing Grommets and ones that just “spun” when trying to remove them was the first indicator or problems. When I called to let them know what I discovered, the manager said he would charge us half price if she returned. We have not returned!

In mid to late 2017 the company I currently work for has their designated company fleet vehicle service place located on Kipling (Lakewood). Since it is out of my way, I was given permission to find a place closer to the area I most work in (CO Springs). I found Grease Monkey #685 by chance when passing by on Dublin towards Academy. I pulled in because I knew I was 80 miles over the 3,000 mile mark and since I was in between meetings, I stopped in. To this day this is the one and only Grease Monkey I will do bu "

Lindsey Eller
Colorado Springs
3/6/2019 12:51 PM ETZ
" This car care center is simply fantastic. They care about your safety and want you to be driving a safe car. They always take wonderful care of me, and I never feel ripped off. I had my 2015 Acura TLX rear differential service preformed last week and my car feels so much to drive better now. Thank you, Justin! "

Colorado Springs
10/9/2018 12:49 PM ETZ
" Amazing service! I highly recommend this store! "

Nichole Bogner
Colorado Springs
8/1/2018 12:49 PM ETZ
" I love this place. The staff is friendly and amazing. They know their cars and are not out to screw you. I will not take my are anywhere else, even if I have to drive 2 hours to get here.

Janet Stockton
Colorado Springs
7/4/2018 12:49 PM ETZ
" They are topnotch!  I've been there twice and will go back again.  I appreciate they do not try to sell you on something you do not need. "

Steve Mayfield
Colorado Springs
5/9/2018 12:49 PM ETZ
" Great service. First time in. Very knowledgeable and professional. Will be a repeat customer. "

Ricardo Figueroa
Peyton, CO
9/16/2017 12:49 PM ETZ
" This place is A-1. Took my car this morning and was in and out. They didn't try to push their most expensive package on me like other normally do. Management and staff are very courteous and attentive. They gave suggestions and recommendations without trying to upsell. Will be taking my car there for service from here on out and I suggest you do to. "

Colorado Springs
9/14/2017 12:50 PM ETZ
" I just stopped in for air in my tires - I was so impressed with this group of guys, I wanted to find a way to spread the word. I would trust them with my car any day. Highly recommended. The minute I need service, that's where I will go. "

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